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About Us

We are family-owned business since 2015. We started small by bringing small quantity products from Canada. We started with a facebook group. Since, it was family operated and authentic products were very rare in BD demand was always higher. As the batches were smaller products were mostly sold to family and friends with or without any posting.

Since, I was living in Canada it was quite challenging to run it as business due to higher cost. But with time our well-wishers were still asking for various products as its hard-to-find authentic products in Bangladesh. I was astonished as there were tons of stores got famous selling authentic products. Unfortunately, it has become a trend in Bangladesh to lost the integrity as businesses become famous! What a shame! But this let us to motivate even further to do business with authenticity, integrity and halal way. Therefore, I/we kept looking for ways to bring authentic Wellness, Beauty and Baby products in Bangladesh. Allah swt has guided us and helped us to relaunched in 2022 under new brand “Aamar Amour”.

Aamar Amour is mix of Bengali and French word. Bengali “Aamar” means Self and French “Amour” means Loving. Therefore, Aamar Amour is Self-loving which we all should do to live a healthy and beautiful life inside-out.

We import all our products from UK, EU, Canada and USA. We are the actual importer and take full caution from buying products to shipping in Bangladesh and receiving it. Therefore, there is no opportunity of poor quality or altered products in our shop. Our business moto is “Integrity comes first”.

We are specialized in:

Health & Wellness products, e.g., Food Supplements, vitamins, men's and woman's care, and organic products.

Beauty products (Serum, Vitamins, Collagen, Biotin, Night creams, Fragrances, etc.)

Baby products: Baby Formula, Food, Baby wash, Shampoo, and more